Celebrating the heritage of the lands our surname derived from.

Kincaid Origins

  1. Meaning of the Kincaid name
  2. The modern creation of Kincaid as a Scottish Gaelic clan
  3. Nations that included the lands of Kincaid
  4. The lands of Kincaid in relation to the Highlands of Scotland.
  5. In defence of the traditional name of Alwin, Earl of Lennox against the recent change to Ailín, Earl of Lennox.
  6. Discussion on the possible origins of the Kincaids of that Ilk in the Netherlands given a Y-Dna match with the Frank/Frenckinck family of Gelderland, Netherlands and Borken District, Germany.

Coat of Arms

  1. The similarity of Kincaid and Crawford coat of arms.
  2. Possible origins of the early Kincaid coat of arms.

Scottish Kincaids

  1. Early history of Kincaids in Scotland
  2. The earliest holders of the lands of Kincaid.
  3. Hamiltons of Bardowie – First known superiors of the Kincaids for their ancestral lands.
  4. Further evidence for Kincaid descent from Robert de Crauford, constable of Edinburgh Castle.
  5. A prosperous early Kincaid line in France.
  6. Mes notes sur les Quinquet du Gatinais de la Puisaye et du Soissonais: Descendant des Kincaid d’Ecosse et divers by Charles René Abbatucci.
  7. Peter Kincaid, minister of Douglas: a case of a Kincaid being recorded as a Kid.
  8. Probable origins of the Kincaids of Warriston.
  9. Documents pertaining to the Lairds of Kincaid, 1425-1914.
  10. Research notes on Scottish Kincaids collected by Peter Kincaid of Fredericton, NB, Canada.

Irish Kincaids

  1. Andrew & John Kinkead - first patriarchs of county Tyrone Kincaids
  2. The early landholders of Magherareagh, Donagheady parish, county Tyrone
  3. Early survey maps of Magherareagh townland, Donagheady parish, county Tyrone
  4. Documents pertaining to the Kinkeads of Barons Court, county Tyrone.
  5. Kincaids of Donagheady parish, county Tyrone
  6. Kincaids of Leckpatrick parish, county Tyrone
  7. More references to Kincaids of county Tyrone, Ireland
  8. References to Kincaids in county Londonderry, Ireland
  9. Kincaids of Elaghmore & Dundrean, Londonderry
  10. Kinkeads of Ballykelly, Tamlaght Finlagan parish, county Londonderry
  11. Kincaids of Taughboyne parish, county Donegal
  12. Kincaids of Raphoe & Raymoghy parishes, county Donegal
  13. Kincaids of Milford & Buncrana, county Donegal
  14. Kincaids of Muff parish, county Donegal
  15. Kincaids of Drumholm parish, county Donegal
  16. More references relating to Kincaids of county Donegal
  17. Kincaid tidbits relating to county Antrim, Ireland